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At K-Electric, we prioritize our values that are rooted in a strong commitment to 100% Safety. We believe in maintaining the highest health and safety standards for our employees, customers, contractors, communities, and the environment. This commitment encompasses health and safety risks in all aspects of our operations, including offices, generation plants, transmission & distribution networks, travel on company business, and even at home

In 2009, our leadership laid the foundation of HSE department. The HSEQ function within our operations ensures that we follow the highest HSE governance, encouraging appropriate personal and process safety measures. Our HSE Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations, and our management team applies rigorous policies and standards throughout the company

At K-Electric, the safety of our workforce and the communities around us is of utmost importance. We have devised strategic plans for risk management and established emergency response procedures to ensure that our employees, contractors, and customers return home safely to their families each day

To further inculcate this culture, we have embarked on the implementation of PSM across all business units in FY21. The system provides focused interventions, addresses identified risks and system gaps, and ensures proper alignment on safety objectives within the organization. A gap analysis/benchmarking of KE Safety Management system was conducted in FY21 with the help of DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), and Now KE is developing 22 PSM elements for all Business Units in the Company

    Prepared Corporate HSEQ Manual in line with NEPRA Power Safety Code and Dupont PSM system, approved and communicated Company wide.

We have also implemented an Integrated Organization Structure was established, in which total 760 Safety Committees have been formed who meet as per their defined frequency to discuss HSE matters from Top Leadership to the grassroot field staff, fostering a robust safety culture in the workplace.
In addition to these regular meetings, we have successfully launched the “Behavioral Observation Program (MSAs)” with more than 40,000 Management Safety Audits being conducted annually from Leadership to Officer level. Together, we are transforming K-Electric into an industry benchmark in HSE performance, firmly founded on a strong safety culture that inspires others


Employee health is a top priority at KE, and regular steps are taken, such as awareness sessions / circulars, training sessions, health & hygiene checks are regularly conducted. Employee wellbeing 360 is also a major focus at KE and multiple webinars and activities are carried out.


We are committed to building a workplace culture of zero injuries, illnesses, and incidents. We identify potential health risks across our operating sites beforehand so that our employees can enjoy a healthy work environment. By striving to create a working environment that is free from occupational illness and injury, we can ensure that our employees and contractors go home safe and healthy.

In the industry that we work in, the workforce faces potential health risks and occupational health hazards. As an advocate for the health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors, we host several training sessions and health education programs to ensure health awareness and minimize HSE risk.

Environmental Compliance & Sustainability

KE Management is committed to Environmental Excellence. A dedicated team primarily looks after Environmental Compliance and Environmental Sustainability Management System (ESMS) across KE. Environmental Compliance is ensured with all the applicable environmental legislations and international guidelines during planning, construction, and operation phases across Generation, Transmission & Distribution network. Environmental studies are conducted, and environmental management plans are developed to minimize the impact of KE’s activities on the environment during construction and operation. Environmental compliance monitoring is conducted to ensure that gaseous emissions and effluent discharges from KE’s power plants comply with the applicable environmental quality standards. The compliance status is validated through independent monitors, and compliance reports submitted to the regulators as per defined frequency. Hazardous waste is disposed through EPA approved waste contractor in accordance with applicable laws and corporate procedures, the record of which is duly maintained.

The comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Management System (ESMS) Manual is based on ISO 14001 and British Five Star Environmental Sustainability Audit process. It incorporates HSEQ Policy, procedures and controls, hierarchy of reporting, training, internal audit and verification activities including environmental excellence award audits. An Environmental and Social Management Representative is appointed in accordance with the ESMS manual. The ESMS is being implemented through a dedicated Committee comprising of representatives from 30 departments across Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Enabling Functions.

Companywide environmental procedures are prepared and disseminated which have been customized as per need in different business units across KE. Environmental trainings are conducted for existing and new employees on general and specialized topics. Coordinators are given responsibility to train their teams.

Environmental Excellence Award Audits are conducted for all BUs in 05 different categories. The major focus is primarily on standardized documentation and procedures, trainings, legal compliance, aspect impact assessment, implementation of best practices, pollution prevention, resource conservation, waste minimization, carbon footprint reduction, tree plantation, management review and record keeping. After the completion of the audit cycle, winners are announced across different categories and awarded.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Management Function was launched under the umbrella of CHSEQ. This function will help ensure that international standards and practices of Quality Management are implemented across KE. The core objective of this function is to enhance satisfaction of internal & external stakeholders.

Fire Safety

As KE is a vertically integrated company and needs to ensure Fire Safety in all its operations, for which regular monitoring is carried out to ensure all fire safety systems, including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire suppression systems and firefighting systems across all KE locations are in proper working order. KE has also trained personnel to respond to anticipated local emergency scenarios such as emergency evacuation, fire, medical emergency.

Public Safety

KE believes not only in the safety of its employees, but also in the safety of the communities and environment in which it serves. With this in mind, KE works to spread awareness on safety through all available channels. Public Safety awareness campaigns, especially during the monsoons, through extensive coverage on social media. Public outreach programs are also organized on regular basis. Electrical and fire safety awareness sessions, including live demonstrations, are provided to students in private and govt. schools on regular basis. KE also encourages its customers to report any electrical safety hazards round-the-clock through our 118.

HSE Recognition

  • NEPRA HSE Recognition and Awards 2022 – KE’s Generation, Transmission and Distribution HSE performance had been recognized to be outstanding as per NEPRA PSC performance criteria & KE Distribution recognized for its “Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Performance”
  • K-Electric won in the “Seize the Opportunity Award” category in the International Safety Awards 2022 presented by British Safety Council UK. K-Electric presented its case of looking after its employees’ safety during Covid in the best manner possible and provided all facilities and assistance not only to keep them safe but also to ensure continuity of operations.
  • KE has been recognized by Employers’ Federation of Pakistan / ILO-Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (EFP-OHS&E) annually since 2017
  • National Fire Safety Award (for 11th consecutive years) – awarded by National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) and Fire Protection Association of Pakistan (FPAP).
  • KE has actively participated with Pakistan Engineering Council in development of National Electrical Safety Code for Power and Telecom Sector and also for Building Code of Pakistan – Fire Safety provisions.
  • “Annual Environment Excellence Award” by National Forum for Environment & Health (2011 – 2022). Winning for 12th consecutive years.
  • “Best Environmental Reporting” Award 2014 by ACCA-WWF.
  • “Climate Change Adaptation Award” won in 2019, 2020 and 2022.
  • International Summit & Awards on Environment, Health & Safety (for 7th consecutive years) – The Professionals Network
  • “Best Environmental Initiatives” Award 2019 & 2020.

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