K-Electric has adopted an unwavering commitment to excellence in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ).

In July 2009, KE established a Corporate HSE Department and formulated a Safety Policy. The Company HSEQ manual was developed as a primary guideline, with subsequent procedures issued from time to time. Emergency Response Plans were made for all assets and regular evacuation drills were conducted to cultivate awareness amongst employees on emergency actions.

The organisation continues to enhance its HSEQ processes, with safety being a part of all employees’ annual appraisal. Additionally, Executive Committee meetings are held to address key issues at the corporate level. Since July 2009, 46,055 staff – from all cadres – have gone through sustained Safety Awareness sessions.

‘We Care’ – Our Health Philosophy

Employee health is a top priority at KE, and under the “We Care” programme employees and their families receive preventive treatment. Regular vaccination campaigns are run in line with the World Health Organisation National Health Programme and Expanded Programme for Immunisation to protect employees and their families against Hepatitis-B and other highly infectious diseases. Awareness sessions on first aid and personal hygiene are also conducted. This programme has reduced the occurrence of diseases, lowered absenteeism, and increased employee efficiency.

“Nobody Gets Hurt” – Our Safety Philosophy

The “Nobody Gets Hurt” philosophy was adopted to provide a safe and injury-free work environment to employees, and a safer distribution network to consumers. A comprehensive Safety Management System was formulated and implemented on the principles of International Standards Organisation (ISO) OMS 9001, EMS 14000 and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification (OHSAS) 18000, to inculcate a safety culture throughout the organization.

Business Units are encouraged to take safety initiatives and safe behaviour is acknowledged through various awards for individuals and Business Units; violations of safety are reprimanded. On average, more than 10,000 employees are trained annually on topics within HSE.

Emergency Response Plans are in place for all locations of strategic importance and all occupational accidents are investigated by the HSEQ team promptly for future prevention.

Reaching Out to the Customers – Public Safety

For the first time in Pakistan, a power utility has invested marketing dollars to promote safety. Marketing awareness campaigns on general public safety are conducted annually, especially during the monsoon season, through extensive coverage in electronic, print and outdoor media. Public outreach are also organised on an annual basis. Feedback from the campaigns has been positive, and the number of fatalities reported has generally declined.

One can also report any electrical safety hazards here for a quick response by our team which is active round-the-clock. Since 2011, more than 2,000 safety hazards have been reported and resolved.


KE’s HSEQ standards have also been formally commended by its peers. These public and prestigious acknowledgements of our commitment to HSEQ are a testament to our continuous adherence to HSEQ throughout the organisation.

In 2016 the organisation KE won the prestigious renowned ACCA-WWF award, the National Forum for Environment & Health NFEH Environmental Excellence Award for the seventh year running, and the National Level Safety and Fire Prevention Award.

KE is working with the Pakistan Engineering Council to develop the National Electric Safety Code for power and telecom sectors, and has also been recognised by the United States Agency for International Development for its safe practices.


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