118 – Response

In line with its ongoing commitment to provide you with the best service, the K-Electric 118 Response Centre works 24/7.

You can speak to our customer service representatives at any time and get the same level of personalised attention that you would receive at our Integrated Business Centres.

Simply call (021)118 or (021)99000, and our representatives will assist you with:

  1. General inquiries
  2. Technical/emergency complaints
  3. Billing complaints
  4. New connection inquiries/complaints

You can also email us at:

  1. customer.care@ke.com.pk for technical complaints and queries
  2. bill@ke.com.pk for billing complaints and queries
  3. speakup@ke.com.pk for reporting electricity theft
  4. newconnection@ke.com.pk for complaints and queries related to new connections
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