Ease of Doing Business

KE is committed to provide reliable and quality power supply and customer friendly processes and services. The power utility has been at the forefront of introducing latest technology, which has played a key role in enhancing the experience of its customers. Exempting industries from load-shed was a groundbreaking initiative by KE – fueling industrial growth and economic prosperity in the city. Through customer-friendly initiatives for industries the turnaround time for providing new power connection has also been significantly reduced. Moreover, KE is adding new grids to meet the growing power demand of new industrial consumers, as industries are and will remain KE’s top priority and all possible measures would be taken to continue to facilitate industrial consumers.

New connection

Applying for a new connection has become easier than ever. KE has undertaken a number of initiatives which has led to a reduction in the turnaround time for new connections.

The entire process has been made more convenient by providing a lot of features and information online. The form for a new connection is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the KE website.

After the acceptance of the application and submission of complete form with all required documents and initial payment an ID is issued. This too has been made easier and the number of documents required has been reduced.


Online case tracking of connection application is also possible through the KE website by submitting the ID here.

To further facilitate the consumer, KE also offers the option to pay the cost for the transformers and external work in installments in Karachi. This was introduced in February 2018.

The entire process regarding applying for a new connection from start to finish and all other information is available on the website for the ease of customers.


KE has undertaken a number of measures to enhance reliability at a cost of USD 2 billion invested from 2009 to 2019 which has resulted in exempting 70% of Karachi from load-shed. A total of 76 feeders and 1,721 PMTs/Substations were added in 2018. With addition of 233 MVAs, distribution capacity increased by 3% while transmission capacity was enhanced by 7% with addition of 354 MVAs.

Moreover, KE has also undertaken a US$ 450 million TP-1000 transmission enhancement plan to boost existing transmission capacity by over 1,000 MVA. Addition of new grids will play a key role in meeting the power demands of new industrial consumers. 3 grids under the project have already been commissioned while the remaining are expected to be commissioned this year.


SAIFI/SAIDI data is based on KE service area and guidelines issued under Performance Standards (Distribution) Rules. Additionally, this only includes load-shed (due to technical constraints). This data is beyond the NEPRA rules and being provided just to facilitate policy-making and as an evidence for international agencies.


Customers can check the shutdown notices clearly marked by city area. Maintenance and other planned shutdowns are also conveyed to consumers via SMS once they have registered.

KE’s tariff is notified by the government of Pakistan and is made available on the KE website here.

Any change in tariff including fuel cost adjustment is public information published by NEPRA and KE on their websites and also disseminated via nationwide media including tickers.

Initiatives to further improve ease of doing business ranking

Not only has KE made it possible to apply for a new connection online, it also offers an e-payment option to facilitate the consumer.

An industrial NC cost calculator is also being developed and is expected to be ready by April 30, 2019.

Getting in touch with KE

If customers need to get in touch with K-Electric for any reason they can conveniently visit any KE Customer Care Centre (CCC) of their choice, regardless of their power connection’s physical location in Karachi, for billing information, new connection and other services.

With 30 Customer Care Centres located across Karachi and mobile CCC’s also operational, K-Electric prioritizes accessibility for its customers and ensures that no customer is too far away.

In addition to its front offices, KE also offers a wide range of customer care touch points including:

  • 118 Response Centre – one of the largest corporate call centres in Pakistan.
  • 8119 SMS Service – ensures customers are updated about the power situation in their area. Register HERE
  • Social Care – reach out to us directly for complaints and queries on Facebook and Twitter 24/7 for an immediate response
  • KE Live – Mobile Application (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) and Consumer Portal whereby customers are provided various services on the go

Online customer services

To further enhance the user experience and improve the level of service and convenience KE provides its consumers with a variety of services on the web site. These include but are not limited to:

  • Technical Complaints
  • Billing Complaints
  • Duplicate Bill
  • E-Billing Registration
  • Bill Payment Options
  • Theft Reporting
  • Power Shutdown Notices
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