Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To restore and maintain pride in KE, Karachi and Pakistan.

Our Mission

Brightening lives by building the capacity to deliver uninterrupted, safe and affordable power to Karachiites.

Our Values

We always seek relevance to our values which include integrity, accountability and the need for continuous improvement. The pursuit of these values creates opportunities for success and the potential to provide our customers with more satisfactory services. These values also lead us to manage K-Electric’s environmental impact in ways that strike the right balance between society’s economic and environmental needs.


We speak as a professional, committed to helping the customer. As an organisation, we have a long way to go to provide the service we all deserve, so we cannot boast. We can do what we say we will do. Be accountable and continue to do better.


We speak simply, but never patronise. Long and complicated explanations are confusing and can appear as if we have something to hide.

We are OPEN

We speak clearly and concisely. If the customer needs our assistance or if we need to give them information, we don’t waste their time. We tell the truth and are completely open and transparent. By explaining the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, we can gain the customer’s trust and respect. We always ask for their involvement, never demand it.


We can be relied upon to do the right thing by everyone we come across and act in a responsible manner towards people, places and environment.

We think about YOU

We take time to listen to you and to understand your needs. You are at the heart of what we do. We speak with a welcoming human smile in our voice. A conversation that begins this way shows that we are approachable and are here to help the customer.

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