New Connections

New Connections for KE Customers

Now applying for a new electricity connection is easier than before and customers are kept informed about the progress of their application.

  • Simple New Connection form and Undertaking: Easy to complete new connection form with single undertaking.
  • Auto SMS Generation: Customers are kept updated about their case status at every step through push notifications.
  • Easy Payment Facility: New Connection estimate and security deposit can be deposited at: Habib Metro Bank Branches in KHI/HUB, Faysal Bank Branches in KHI/HUB, Askari Bank Branches in KHI/HUB. Telenor Bank Booth at KE CCC (North Karachi, Baldia, Orangi – II, Liaquatabad, Garden), Konnect (By HBL) Bank Booth at KE CCC (Surjani – II, Federal B-Area, Liyari – West Wharf), Easy Paisa Mobile App and Retail Shops, HBL Konnect Retail Shops, HBL Internet Banking and HBL Mobile App.

Availability of Service of New Connection Payments


Bank Names


Mobile Banking

Internet Banking


Askari Bank Limited

Yes No Visit Website


Bank Al-Habib Limited

Yes No Visit Website


Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited

No No Visit Website


Habib Bank Limited

Yes Yes Visit Website


Habib Metro Bank Limited

Yes No Visit Website


Meezan Bank Limited

Yes No Visit Website


National Bank of Pakistan

No Yes Not Available


Sindh Bank Limited

No Yes Visit Website


BankIslami Pakistan Limited

No Yes Not Available


Faysal Bank Limited

Yes No Not Available


The First Microfinance Bank Limited

Yes No Not Available


U Microfinance Bank Limited

No Yes Not Available

How to Apply

To set up a new electricity connection for your home, commercial outlet or agricultural unit, please select one of the below:

  • Application Form: Click here to download the form. Please print the form. Fill it in and submit it, along with the required supporting documentation, at the Front Office of the IBC of your choice.
  • Application Form for PSC and Government Connections: Please click here to download the form.

You can also apply through any of the methods below:

  • Apply online by clicking here. If your application is successful, you will be invited to visit the Front Office of the IBC of your choice with the required documentation.
  • New Connection Front Office: Click here to visit the K-Electric New Connection Front Office or Business Centers.
  • Contact 118 for any information related to New Connections or for an update on the status of your application.
  • For any further information, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Now applying for a new electricity connection is easier than ever before:

  • Simple New Connection form and Undertaking: Easy-to-complete new connection form with single undertaking.
  • Auto SMS Generation: Customers are kept updated about their case status at every step through push notifications.
  • Easy Payment Facility: New Connection estimate and SD can be deposited at: Habib Metro Bank KHI/HUB, Faysal Bank KHI/HUB, Askari Bank KHI/HUB, Telenor Bank Booth at KE IBC (Garden, Baldia, Orangi – I, Liaquatabad, North Karachi, Federal B Area), Telenor Easy Paisa Retail Shops, HBL Express Retail Shops, HBL Internet Banking, HBL Mobile App.

Consumers can avail all the below facilities by filling out the same New Connection Form and submitting the required documents:

  • New Connections for Residential, Commercial and Industrial units
  • Additional Meters
  • Temporary Connections
  • Load Extension / Regularisation
  • Change of Meter Position
  • Reinforcement
  • Maintenance / Change of Meter Position

New Connections for Residential, Commercial, Agriculture and Industrial units: This is the first meter that needs to be installed at a completed unit.

Additional Meters: Any additional meter that may need to be installed (subject to criteria mentioned below) is included in this category.

Temporary Line Connections: Consumers may select these for construction, rebuilding, or expansion of existing premises where no meter exists.

Load Extension: Consumers can apply for load extension over and above their existing load i.e he/she wants to enhance their load assessment from 20kW to 25kW.

Load Regularisation: In case consumer’s actual consumption is over and above their assessed load but has not been updated in the KE system, the area IBC (Customer Care Centre) will issue a Load Regularisation (LR) notice to the consumer. On this basis, the consumer will apply for Load Regularisation through New Connection process.

Reinforcement: Consumers should select this option when they upgrade to a three-phase meter from a single-phase meter.

Maintenance / Change of meter position (CMP): If consumer avails maintenance services or wishes to relocate their existing meters then they may select this option.

All above services are included in the New Connections Form which may be downloaded HERE. Applicants must select the relevant option while filling the form.

Required Documents New Connection Additional Load Reinforcement Load Extension Load Regularization CMP Maintenance
Attested Ownership Documents/ original doc (seen) Yes Yes No No No No No
Attested CNIC copy/ original doc (seen) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CNIC copies of 2 witnesses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A KE bill from the nearest location or a copy of own bill Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change of Name on existing bill (if required) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A maximum of two (2) residential meters and one (1) commercial meter is allowed for an individual residential property.
A consumer can now apply for an additional/second meter, if the individual house has a second kitchen.
A commercial meter may only be installed in cases where the individual house is also being used for commercial activities. These would be assessed by the surveyor during the survey process.
To qualify for an additional meter, a multistory unit must consist of separate residential / commercial units each with a separate entrance and kitchen (in residential).

The New Connection form may be easily downloaded from HERE. It may also be collected free of cost from any IBC (Customer Care Centre) closest to you. Kindly fill the form with the required details and attach all the applicable documents listed on page 3 of the form. Submit the filled form and documents to your relevant IBC.

The Case ID will be issued following submission of all required documents which are detailed in the New Connection Form.

An automated SMS will be generated at every stage of the New Connection process keeping applicants informed about their application progress. In addition to this an applicant may also check his/her application status against their Case ID by:


The Test Form is a certificate / test report which is provided by the Electrical Inspector Karachi (or an authorised contractor from the EIK) to confirm that the internal wiring of premises conforms to the required standards.
The Test Form can be obtained from the Electric Inspector Karachi (EIK) or an EIK-authorised contractor.
The applicant can submit the Test Form after their payment status is updated in the KE system. Following payment updation in the system, an auto-generated text message will inform the consumer that the test form can be submitted. Kindly ensure that the test form is submitted on priority to ensure that the New Connection process may be completed.

The applicant’s Security Deposit will be calculated by multiplying the assessed load with the below amounts.

  • Residential: PKR 1,220/- per kW
  • Commercial: PKR 1,810/- per kW
Customers can access KE through our multiple communication platforms which include 29 IBCs across Karachi, a state-of-the-art call-centre and Social Media platforms which include Twitter and Facebook. You can also email New Connection specific enquiries to or call 118 where all queries are attended 24/7.
The issued estimate expires 30 days after the date it is generated.
If the New Connection estimate has expired then the applicant shall be required to resubmit the filled New Connection Form and documents to their relevant IBC. Following this the survey process would be repeated again and a new estimate would be issued with a 30 day validity.
The undertaking should be submitted on a PKR 100 non-judicial stamp paper with Notary Public attestation or cancelled stamp ticket on page number 4 in application form. The draft of the undertaking is included in the Form for applicant’s convenience.
In a three-phase meter, the load limit is minimum 5 kW to maximum 40 kW. Subject to the request of the applicant a three-phase meter may be installed for loads less than 5kW.
Yes, tenants can apply for New connections on behalf of land lord. In such cases a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the premises owner and the attested photocopy of the ownership documents must be submitted along with the filled New Connection form and documents.

Please note that local contractors and middlemen neither represent nor are legally answerable to K-Electric in any respect.

Consumers can easily download the New Connection forms HERE free-of-cost and submit the filled forms and required documents at their closest Integrated Business Centre (IBC). To facilitate its valued consumers, KE has set up 29 Integrated Business Centres across Karachi. Applicants will be kept informed of their New Connection status through auto-generated SMS alerts at every stage of the process.

For any further information, consumers may reach out to KE 24/7 through its Website, email at or call the 118 helpline.

A commercial tariff cannot be converted to an industrial tariff. The customer will have to apply for an industrial meter via the New Connection process.

Yes, one owner can apply on behalf of the other owners if all required documents are submitted along with the New Connection form. This includes a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from all other owners on PKR 100 stamp paper and copies of the CNICs of other owners.

Please note that in this case the number of meters applied for must be clearly mentioned on the form.

Applicants may provide certified True Copies of the property documents from the concerned authority/agency. Alternatively, a copy of the property documents attested by a Gazetted officer (grade 17 and above) will be considered equivalent to an original copy.
In addition to the applicant himself/herself, a blood relative may also submit the application on behalf of the applicant and on basis of undertaking any of the authorized person can submit the application on applicant’s behalf.
In such cases, the applicant must submit a bank letter listing the documents in the bank’s custody at the time of New Connection application submission. Please note that the bank letter must be in the name of the applicant and should be less than 45 days old at the time of submission.
Estimates and Security Deposits are issued by Customer Care Representatives at the Customer Care Centre.
Death certificate and original possession of documents is required along with undertaking on stamp paper to be submitted by blood relative applicant of deceased owner, absolving KE for any future dispute (case will be registered in the name of blood relative ‘applicant’).
Payments can be made online through Habib Bank Limited; at all Easypaisa retail shops and through Habib Bank Express, Habib Metropolitan Bank, Faysal Bank, Telenor Microfinance Bank and Askari Bank branches across Karachi and Hub.
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