K-Electric (KE) is Working to Ensure Power Supply to its Customers Remains Available And Safe.

K-Electric (KE) is Working to Ensure Power Supply to its Customers Remains Available And Safe.

Karachi – 16th July, 2021: As Karachi continues to experience intermittent showers, In this regard, we are regularly monitoring the situation in various parts of Karachi and our teams are vigilant to address any concerns raised by citizen’s and media. Per reports, 3 fatal incidents of electrocution were reported in the city, 2 of which did not involve KE infrastructure whereas third one is being reviewed by the area teams.

25-year-old Raheel was reported to be traveling on his motorbike on a waterlogged road in FB Area’s Hussainabad locality and reportedly came into contact with a streetlight pole. Eyewitnesses report that the streetlight was wrapped with decorative lights. It could not be ascertained at the time whether the said streetlight pole and wrapping of LEDs were installed by local administration or area association.

Investigations are also underway of an extremely unfortunate incident in the Shanti Nagar area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 10 A. Per initial reports, leakage of current in the TV cable hanging at a dangerously low height created an electric current. While KE’s pole was fully grounded and compliant with safety codes, the encroached wire and subsequent current from the illegal wires on the pole proved fatal for 25-year-old Somaar along with a cow that was tethered to the pole.

We are currently investigating the third incident and will update once the information becomes available.

K-Electric expressed its deepest sympathies with the families who lost loved ones to unfortunate incidents across the city. We are actively monitoring reports of all such incidents and continue to liaise with operational field staff to ensure that we continue to provide power with safety. Corrective and disciplinary action is taken by KE wherever there an unsafe incident or practice is reported involving KE teams or its infrastructure.

Karachi’s urban challenges including illegal kundas and encroachment are major risks for residents which require collective attention and concerted efforts to improve conditions and are compounded due to waterlogging that amplifies minor shocks in ordinary circumstances into life threatening situations during rains.

KE has been working actively to mitigate these risks and thus far the earthing/grounding of over 180,000 of approximately 220,000 poles has been completed and validated as well. KE has also introduced continuous running earth wires which are being rolled out on its network. This technology serves as an advanced provisioning for protecting KE’s network.

KE also humbly requests that unverified reporting of electrocution related incidents aggravates the situation by creating fear and hostility among residents which at times prevents KE teams from performing their duties on ground. We request cooperation from all stakeholders, media and social activists and citizens to reach out to KE for information.

Safety is a core priority for K-Electric, and the company regularly conducts kunda removal drives on its transmission and distribution network for the continued safety of Karachi’s residents. However, such encroachments and illegal means of acquiring electricity on KE’s infrastructure continue to compromise these efforts. Throughout the year, the power utility issues safety and awareness messages through its communication channels including print, electronic, and social media. With the advent of the current monsoon season, the utility once again urges citizens to utilize KE’s 118 call center to report hazards and maintain a safe distance from electricity infrastructure at all times. Sacrificial animals bought ahead of Eid-ul-Azha should especially not be tied to electricity poles as well. KE remains committed to the safety of its customers at all times.

Unsanctioned connection
Unsanctioned connections being used to power decorative LEDs on a streetlight pole in Karachi’s Hussainabad Area.
KE Pole
Picture shows current being detected in low-hanging TV cable beside a KE pole. KE’s infrastructure was grounded and compliant with safety codes.