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Our Company

This is a visual of conversation bubbles between 2 people, in this case, a conversation between K-Electric (KE) and it's customer, where the customer is being provided with relevant information.

Who we are

Energising Karachi, the ‘City of Lights'

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This is a visual of a bulb in Sketch art. The bulb is energized which can be established through the light rays emitting from the bulb.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

We are guided by our values and committed to achieving our objectives

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This is a visual is a iconic depiction of how the customer of K-Electric (KE), for customer services, can be connected through various touchpoints

Our leadership

Our aspiration is to serve Karachi with even greater vigour and purpose

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This is an iconic visual which represents the building consisting of 4 pillars. The annotation of this building can be referred to as the place which oversees governance of the society or business practices to ensure they are followed in ethical standards in letter and spirit


K-Electric believes in transparency and accountability in its processes and mechanisms

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This is an iconic depiction of journey

Our Journey

Our transformation and more than a 100-year legacy

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A trophy, typically made of shining metal or glittering crystal, stands tall and proud atop a pedestal or base. Its form is sleek and streamlined, with smooth curves and sharp angles that catch the light and reflect the glory of its accomplishment. The trophy is an emblem of achievement, symbolizing hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the pursuit of a goal.

Our Achievements

Over the past few years, K-Electric’s efforts have received formal commendation

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Customer Services

Our Business


Powering Karachi, empowering the nation.

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Relaying electricity across 6,500 KM in Karachi and adjoining areas

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Supplying our customers through one of the world's largest distribution networks

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Value Creation

KE creates value both for its customers and its employees.

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Access and download tenders for general and project procurement.

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Our People

A group of people with different roles and responsibilities working together in an office environment. They standing together in this visual. This visual is intended to depict the workplace environment at the power utility for job seekers who are interested in working at the power utility

Working at K-Electric

Be part of a dynamic culture with a century-old legacy

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The iconic depiction of an illuminated light bulb can be described as a symbol of energy that is transmitted and distributed. The light bulb emits a bright glow that represents energy. The filament inside the light bulb can also be described as the conductor of energy, converting electrical energy into light energy. This iconic depiction represents the idea that energy is always transmitted, energizing our homes and businesses

Energy that moves K-Electric

Hear from our employees about their journey at K-Electric

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This visual is intended to depict the workplace environment at the power utility for job seekers who are interested in working at the power utility

Your Career at K-Electric

We offer careers with immense potential for growth and success

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A group of employees standing together with arms raised in the air

Diversity and Inclusion

KE is committed to promoting a harmonious workplace, where all are treated with respect and dignity

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This visual shows a group of employees forming a cycle. Each employee is shown in a different step of a process. The cycle formation implies that the process is continuous, with each step leading to the next. This is intended to depict to job seekers the aspect of a process flow at the Power Utility

People Connect

We believe in enabling our employees at every step

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Investing into the community and environment for sustainable growth.


Forging strategic partnerships for collective prosperity.

Company Profile

K-Electric's incorporation, registration, contact information and other important details.

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K-Electric believes in transparency and accountability in its processes and mechanisms.

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Financial Data

K-Electric's financial statements and reports, including Annual Reports.

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Investor Information

Share information and other important details for investors.

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Investor Contact

Contact details for investors with queries.

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Strategic Partners

K-Electric's strategic partners contribute their expertise and resources at the highest level.

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