General Procurement

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Tender No.

Tender Description

Expiry Date


FG0361/BQ1 Service required for the maintenance of firefighting valves at BQPS-1 09.03.17


FG0364/BQ1 Procurement of heating elements of air heater unit # 2 BQPS-1 09.03.17


LPO/21C/DN/65/17 Kit Termination; 1core, 630MMXLPE/8.7/15KV 08.03.17


FG/435-40/BQ2 BQPS-II – Procurement of STG Exciter Unitrol 5000 Spares,SERVICE AND INSTRUMENT AIR COMPRESSER DRYER, SAC AND IAC OIL SEPRATOR AND COOLANT,Overhauling Consumables,Photocell Light Controller 09.03.17


PROCUREMENT FOR BQPS-2 Procurement for BQPS-2 13.03.17


FG/9813-9/KG Procurement of breakers & contactors for KTGTPS, Actuator For Engine at KTGTPS, Air Filter for GEJB Gas Engine at SGTPS, Procurement of EDI Stack, E-Cell-3X at SGTPS, steam mixing chamber instruments for new HRSG System at SGTPS, Woodward 505 governor for new HRSG system at SGTPS, Firefighting Diesel Engine FD140 H Filters for New HRSG system at SGTPS, Steam Turbine Filters at SGTPS. 09.03.17


FG/447-8/BQ2 BQPS-II – Procurement of Hazardous Gas Detectors, Control Cards 20.03.17


FG/9812/CCPP Annual Rate Running Contract For Cleaning Of Screen/ Strainer For Cooling Water System For 248 MW KPC 09.03.17


FG/449-50/BQ2 BQPS-II – Procurement of Debris Filter DP Transmitter, Services for Maintenance of Ovation DCS 23.03.17


FG/446/BQ2 BQPS-II – Procurement of Electrical maintenance tools 16.03.17


FG/9830-2/SG Differential Protection relays, RO Cartridge Filters, Valve 27.03.17


FG/9823/SG HRSG Pump Spares 16.03.17


FG/9835-6/CCPP Annual Contract for Butt Welding services of HDPE Pipe line and fitting, fOR 248MW KPC, Weather station, fOR 248MW KPC 27.03.17


FG/9825/CCPP Procurement of synchronization relay and paperless recorder ,For 248 MW KPC 20.03.17


LPO 9D 247 17 Procurement of WELDING PLANT  BQPS-II 30.03.17


FG/9839-44,9846/KG Procurement of Float type level Switch for KTGTPs, Field instruments (Temperature sensors, transmitters) for KTGTPS, Services required for calibration of GEJB section Gas flow meter at KTGTPS, DIA NE FOR ENGINE for KTGTPS, JACKET WATER SAFETY VALVE For KTGTPS, HRSG INSPECTION TOOLS for KTGTPS, Steam Turbine vacuum circuit breaker for KTGTPS 03.04.17


FG0371-4/BQ1 Procurement of spares for boiler feed water pump recirculation (minimum flow) valves, UNIT # 3-4, services for manufacturing of shaft, bearing, impeller by plasma thermal Spray of EBOP, unit #4, procurement of mechanical seals for degasifier pumps UNIT # 4, services of re-babbitting of journal and thurst bearings, UNIT#01-04, BQPS-1. 30.03.17


Procurement for BQPS-2 Procurement for BQPS-2 02.03.17


FG/427-8/BQ2 BQPS-II – Procurement of Pneumatic Actuator Water Treatment Plant, repair Kits for Liquid and Water Injection Purge valve for Gas Turbine 02.03.17
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