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SRO 1429
05-Nov-21 to 06-Jul-22

SRO 1004
06-Jul-22 to 24-Jul-22

SRO 1175
25-Jul-22 to 31-Jul-22

SRO 1175
01-Aug-22 to 30-Sep-22

SRO 1175
01-Oct-22 Onwards

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Disclaimer: Information provided above is excluding FCA/Quarterly Adjustment etc. To calculate your monthly FCA visit FCA Calculator

*Protected customers” means Non-ToU Residential customers consuming less than or equal to 200 units per month consistently for the past 6 months.

*Lifeline consumer” means those residential consumers having single phase electric connection with a sanctioned load up to 1 kW, Lifeline consumer are residential Non-Time of Use (Non-ToU) consumers having maximum of last twelve months and current month’s consumption less than or equal to 100 units