Passion Behind KE

Asif Saad – Chief Operating Officer Distribution

“The best thing about being a part of KE is the opportunity to serve the public. I believe that resolving the problem of electricity is a humble yet substantial contribution towards the progress of Pakistan’s largest city.”

Muhammad Adil – Deputy Chief Transmission Officer

“Between starting as a Trainee Engineer in 1986 and holding the esteemed position of Deputy Chief Transmission Officer today, my journey with KE has been full of learning and challenging experiences. Above all, it has been a great source of satisfaction.”

Tabassum Kanwal – General Manager IBC

“Being an engineering graduate, I always aspired to join a technologically advanced organisation like KE. My dream became a reality when I joined KE as a Trainee Engineer in 2004. Today, I serve as General Manager IBC Johar-I. I owe my progress to KE, which has nurtured my optimistic approach and motivated me to do my best.”

Taha Siddiqui – Deputy General Manager Media

“My journey at KE has been quite adventurous and has brought a positive learning curve to my career. It has given me a taste of corporate life in the energy sector, which has witnessed a boom in recent years.”

Sadia Dada – Director Communications

“I challenge myself and my colleagues by constantly pushing the envelope to contribute to KE’s position as a consumer-centric and socially responsible organisation, a thought leader, and, with its all-inclusive culture, a great place to work!”

Kamran Mustafa – Director People Services & Digitization

“KE isn’t just an organisation, it’s a lifestyle and only the ones who have perseverance to excel can live it. It’s fuelled with an attitude to be second to none.”

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