The KE KHI Awards 2021 seek to award those organisations who have embraced and owned the city of Karachi in the name of hope, peace and development. These awards commemorate the rich history of our city by paying tributes to organisations from all walks of life.

They recognize those who have made a significant impact on this city, its people and its socio-economic landscape. A credible jury is formed to select the winners, and this panel is a true representation of the 13 categories chosen for the KE KHI Grant Awards, which will be given in the form of Electricity Rebate.

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Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for the Awards

  • Each organisation applying for a Grant can apply for up-to three (03) categories of the Awards.
  • The organisation applying for a Grant should be a registered Not for Profit entity, or a For Profit Social Enterprise.
  • Projects can be partnerships, funding models and projects in affiliation with public entities.
  • The applying organisation must identify itself as an organisation that has no affiliation with a political, religious party, or any ethnic group.
  • The applying organisation must identify as an entity that is not currently serving or partnering with KE in any commercial business capacity, or be employed by KE.
  • The applying organisation must be based in the city of Karachi or within KE’s distribution network and should be able to display a reasonable track record of operations within the city.
  • The grant of Awards can be considered for a new proposed project, as well as an ongoing project.
  • The Grants shall be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of grant of such Grants.
  • The Awards shall be in the form of electricity bill rebate.
  • The applying organisation shall provide all information and documentation in relation to the organisation and/or project, which may be required from at the time of assessment of applications for Awards.
  • In the event, the organisation after receiving the Grant fails to complete, commence and/or operate the project, KE reserves the right to withdraw the respective Grant immediately without incurring any liabilities whatsoever.
  • The terms and conditions as specified hereinabove are subject to review by KE at any time during the process of grant of Awards or during the validity period of the Awards and/or Grants.

How to Apply

Below are the instructions on how to send in your entries for the KE KHI Awards 2021.

  • Each organisation applying for a Grant can apply for up-to three (03) categories of the Awards. Please read the application form carefully and respond to all questions within word limits indicated.
  • Any incomplete applications or if instructions are not followed will be disregarded and result in disqualification of your submission.
  • The organisation applying for a Grant should be a registered Not for Profit entity, a registered Start-up venture, or a For Profit Social Enterprise.
  • Please ensure all required and supporting documents are uploaded in the specified format along with your filled application form.
  • K-Electric can ask for additional documentation regarding your submission for the purpose of verification.
  • Please ensure that your submission contains sufficient and robust information. Be clear, concise and honest and include relevant facts and figures where possible. Any information that is proven to be false will lead to immediate disqualification of the submission.
  • Mandatory Documents Required:
    • Memorandum of Association / Articles of Association
    • Budget Sheets
    • Financial Statements
    • Audit Reports for last Financial Year
    • Project PPT / Video
    • Other relevant support documents
  • Deadline for submission of applications is 15th March 2021, 11:59 PM.

Award Categories

There are thirteen (13) categories of Awards to choose from. Each category will be awarded to organisations that enhance the image of Karachi in a unique and compelling way.

If you are unsure, if your case falls under the description of a certain category or which category it should be entered in, please write a brief synopsis of the case and related questions and email at

The categories of Awards are detailed herein below, please read category descriptions carefully to understand the types of categories and what they encompass:

  2. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives in education, including (but not limited to) street schools, education for underprivileged community, can also be e-learning and online learning, learning management systems, smart classrooms, and smart campuses for junior and higher education.

  4. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives, including (but not limited to) public health awareness drives, data-driven and mobile solutions for public health services and workers, and digital and online medical services/ doctors for underprivileged communities.

  6. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives which provide food, reduce challenges and costs for vulnerable segments and communities, such as sewage, sanitation, water, systemic inefficiency, and housing-related basic standards.

  8. This category includes projects which create an impact for marginalised communities, transgenders, and persons with disabilities, for the achievement of equality.

  10. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives which promote and offer high-quality vocational training, as well as support the development of networks and career opportunities for the people of Karachi, especially within underprivileged communities.

  12. Recognising the most impactful projects /initiatives in the area of heritage, arts and culture, libraries, cultural events and open spaces including (but not limited to) smart kiosks, interactive events and experiences, connected museums, digital libraries and intelligent event management. This category also includes traditional restoration of heritage buildings, landmarks and sites of Karachi.

  14. In this category, the focus is on start-ups and small to medium size initiatives, recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives in the area of digital accessibility as well as financial inclusion including (but not limited to) technologies for innovations in services for the public, financial payments, bill payments, internet payments, and other projects focused on underserved communities/ unbanked population.

  15. SPORTS
  16. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives showing the involvement of and platform creation for finding promoting and developing sports for all genders, and finding sports talent in Karachi, subsequently developing talent for Pakistan.

  18. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives for ensuring public safety, including (but not limited to) emergency services such as early warning systems, and emergency response systems such as helplines, on-ground teams, community-based safety watch teams, and awareness drives.

  20. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives focused on sustainable environmental projects for Karachi, including clean tech and smart innovations.

  22. Recognising the most impactful projects / initiatives which highlight the contribution towards women empowerment in Karachi and its communities.

  24. This category is for any other social impact project / initiative that does not fall into other categories mentioned above, for example, animal welfare.

  26. This is a special category to support and highlight new projects and start-up organisations that have been formed in the last twelve (12) months.

Please click here to access the online form for KE KHI Awards 2021.

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