K-electric Policies Are Compliant With Nepra Consumer Service Manual

K-electric Policies Are Compliant With Nepra Consumer Service Manual

Karachi, September 29, 2021: Spokesperson K-Electric clarified that the utility abides by law.

Spokesperson KE stated, “K-Electric is a responsible corporate citizen and as a policy follows the regulations laid out in NEPRA’s CSM for disconnection of a premises which defines the parameters that all distribution companies must follow.

NEPRA CSM Section 8.2, Clauses 8.2.1 to 8.2.4 state:

8.2.1 The consumer is bound to pay the electricity bill within due date as specified in the bill or with the late payment surcharge if paid after due date. The connection shall not be disconnected if any consumer fails to deposit the current month bill provided that there are no outstanding dues.

8.2.2 No connection must be disconnected on In case of non-payment of the previous month bill, DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall issue notice of clear seven days along with the second month bill to the defaulting consumer to either clear the outstanding dues with the second month bill or face disconnection. The notice may also be printed/stamped on the electricity bill.

8.2.3 No connection shall be disconnected on default of one month bill.

8.2.4 In case of non-receipt of payment and upon expiry of the due date given on the second month bill, the supply of the defaulting premises shall be disconnected. In such cases the disconnected supply shall not be reconnected or restored by DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) until full payment along with late payment surcharge or payment in installments (allowed by the DISCO) has been made by the consumer.

As a regulated entity, KE ensures that its operations remain within these parameters. The Consumer Service Manual is also available on KE’s website to keep consumers informed of the governing procedures.”