The Latest Applicable Tariff is notified by the Government of Pakistan, vide Notification no. SRO 571(1)/2016 dated 24th June 2016. To download the consumer tariff please click here.


Monthly Meter Rent Please refer the Consumer Tariff Document attached Above
Electricity Duty * Domestic = 1.5% /Commercial = 2% /Industrial = 1.5% /Bulk Supply=2% & Agricultural = 1% of Energy Charges
General Sales Tax Consumers are subject to General Sales Tax at the rates specified under the Sale Tax Act, 1990
Income Tax< Industrial and commercial consumers are also subject to Income Tax under section 235 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 (Ordinance) as per mechanism stated in Part-IV of the First Schedule of the Ordinance. Residential Consumers are subject to tax as per section 235 (A) of the income Tax ordinance.
Others Charges
TV License Fee
Domestic @ Rs. 35/= per TV Set
Commercial / Industrial @ Rs. 60/= per TV Set
Bank Charges
@ Rs. 8/= per Payment
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